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Early Childhood Education Centers

Proyecto’s Early Childhood Education Centers started as a Women’s Childcare Cooperative in 1986. Women in the community came together and started the cooperative so that they could gain work experience to qualify for amnesty at the time. The women recognized that early education is a vital first step in propelling students on a pathway to educational and life success. This is especially true for marginalized young children who, due to systemic inequities, will likely face a deficit of resources throughout their education. 

Proyecto’s two Early Childhood Education Centers (La Guarderia and Centro de Alegria) provide 100 children, ages 18 months to 5 years, with a nurturing environment that focuses on social, emotional and cognitive development so that they receive the best start to their education at a crucial age of development. We also have a strong parent engagement component with monthly parent workshops to support more direct participation in each child’s education.

We have found through anecdotal evidence that children graduate from our preschool program ready not just for Kindergarten, but for First Grade!

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