IMPACTO Student Thrives Under Academic Case Management!

Anthony started work with IMPACTO Academic Case Manager, Luis Orozco during his senior year. Anthony was significantly far behind the pace of graduation at that point, missing around 8 core classes and many elective credits. Anthony also struggled with attendance and truancy, which was a big factor to his academic challenges. Motivation, work ethic, and his academic skills were also in need of improvement. Though Anthony still struggled during the fall semester, his attendance and work habits improved, he made up some essential courses, and he also learned valuable lessons of the amount of hard work it was going to take to graduate in June.

“It gave me motivation to go on to college and become an X-Ray Technician, and do better in school. It impacted me, by helping me be a better person.”

Anthony started the spring semester of 2019 with a rejuvenated sense of motivation and urgency. Not only did he have to pass all of his classes, he had to get a ‘C’ or better in his math classes to meet graduation requirements. On top of this, he still had several classes to make up, taking advantage of every credit recovery opportunity, including Saturday School sessions, Winter and Spring Break Credit Recovery sessions, online classes, and other methods. Anthony kept a steady pace all semester, going to class every day, and working hard to turn in every assignment. He also took full advantage of the ACM program, meeting several times each week (formal and informal meetings). He also kept in frequent communication with teachers and counselors about his academic plan and progress. Over the course of the school year, Anthony made up about 10 classes (including elective credits), and passed all of his regular classes for the Spring semester. Most importantly, he walked the stage with his fellow classmates and graduated on time!

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