Impact Through Partnership

Building bridges across communities one school at a time!

For the last several years, the Proyecto Pastoral Early Childhood Education Centers, La Guarderia and Centro de Alegria, have worked in partnership with a sister school, Brentwood Sunshine Preschool.

The partnership began when four Sunshine parents approached Sunshine owner Rita Cornyn with their hope to build upon the school’s charitable giving by adding a community service component. A search committee advised Sunshine about three quality preschools that would meet the criteria for the partnership. After site visits and evaluation, the committee selected Proyecto Pastoral.

The aim of Community Service at Sunshine is to: 1) help children learn about and take part in giving, 2) model and teach empathy, compassion, and responsibility for others, 3) experience the satisfaction that comes from helping others, 4) even at a young age, feel empowered to make a difference, 5) share the resources of Sunshine families with those who are less fortunate, and 6) build community connections with charitable organizations.

The partnership is one of mutual support and engagement, providing children at both schools an experience of the value of what diverse people have to offer each other. Over the years the relationship has grown to involve the parents, students and staff of both schools, including staff training, field trips to visit each other, letter exchanges between the children, trading of projects and gifts, and finding ways to share cultural knowledge and perspectives. Most recently, Sunshine parents raised over $17,000 for our centers, providing vital resources.

We look forward to continuing our work together with our sister school, Sunshine.

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