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Support IMPACTO Summer Day Camp 

Will YOU make a difference today by supporting IMPACTO’s programs like Summer Day Camp?


$3,000 could go towards snacks for the  youth for five weeks 

$2,000 could go towards museum, zoo, and places of interest entrance fees

$1,000 towards lesson materials

$500 could support 1 child at camp for 5 weeks
$100 could support 1 child at camp for 1 week
$20 could support 1 child at camp for 1 day



School is out, and summer is here! IMPACTO is getting ready for its annual Summer Day Camp - a place to Play. Learn. Grow - for 180 children and youth for five weeks from July - August 2019. Proyecto Pastoral’s youth development and education program addresses barriers that inner-city youth face by providing concrete opportunities to build the skills and confidence needed to break the cycle of poverty through sports, academic, and enrichment activities during after-school and summer hours in Boyle Heights - free-of-charge.


Proyecto Pastoral recognizes the clear connection between physical fitness and learning: regular physical activity not only improves learning, raises test scores and increases attendance rates but also raises self-esteem and lowers stress, both of which have been associated with better academic performance. Participation on a team also provides opportunities for youth to practice teamwork, develop leadership skills, and accept responsibility for themselves and their peers. In a community where organized sports programs - at no cost to families - are scarce, IMPACTO with Proyecto Pastoral provides an outlet for healthy competition where youth can feel proud of their accomplishments, which leads to positive, social, mental and physical growth.



Support Local Youth and Promote Your Business!

Your sponsorship will support

  • Free full-day 5-week summer program for Boyle Heights Youth. 

  • Serves nearly 200 youth ages 5-14.

  • Students are taught important lessons in:

    • Math, English, STEM, Creative Arts

    • Leadership development of youth

    • Field trips around Los Angeles to expand their knowledge of the world outside of Boyle Heights.

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Download a business sponsorship packet and provide a free and enriching summer for Boyle Heights youth! 

Please support IMPACTO’s programs like Summer Day Camp today!

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